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Community Councils are made up of people who care about their community and want to make it a better place to live. To find out what community council area you live in click here and enter your postcode - remember to check the 'community council' box.

You can access a list of current Community Councils in Fife here.

As well as representing the community, Community Councils organise activities which promote their communities and bring local people together to help make things happen. For more information click here.

Community Council Elections - 3 October 2019

Fife’s Depute Returning Officer intends to hold a fresh round of elections on Thursday 3 October for those areas that don’t currently have a Community Council, should residents submit a petition to re-establish one and enough people come forward to stand as candidates.

Petitions have already been received from Blairhall and Coaltown of Wemyss. However, there are currently no active Community Councils in the following areas:

Community Council Area Committee Main ward number
Auchmuty & Woodside Glenrothes 15
Bennochy & Hayfield Kirkcaldy 11
Carnbee & Arncroach North East Fife 19
Carnock & Gowkhall South West Fife 1
Collessie North East Fife 16
Crombie South West Fife 5
Glenwood Glenrothes 13
Headwell City of Dunfermline 2
Izatt Avenue & Netherton City of Dunfermline 3
Kirkcaldy East Kirkcaldy 12
Kirkcaldy North Kirkcaldy 10
Largoward North East Fife 19
Methilhill Levenmouth 22
Moonzie North East Fife 16
South Parks & Rimbleton Glenrothes 13
Templehall Kirkcaldy 10
West Wemyss Levenmouth 22


If anyone is interested in re-establishing any of these Community Councils, they will need to organise a petition and get it signed by 20 electors (people who are on the electoral register) from the community council area.

The petition should be submitted to the Head of Legal & Democratic Services, Fife Council, Fife House, Glenrothes, KY7 5LT by Monday 12 August 2019 at the latest. A template petition is available to download from here.

Please note that, if you are not currently registered to vote but wish to stand for election, propose or second someone else to stand and vote in any potential elections, then you need to register to vote by 4pm Friday 9 August 2019.

You can register to vote online at the Government Individual Electoral Registration website:


Election Results - March 2019

Community councils are elected every 4 years. The last community council elections took place on 4 October 2018 with the exception of St Andrews, which was due to go to election on Thursday 21 March, 2019. However, following nominations, it was able to reform without going to poll.

To re-establish community councils in those areas that didn't have one residents had to submit a petition by Friday 18 January, 2019. The petition had to be signed by 20 electors (people who are on the electoral register) from the community council area.

Following the close of nominations at 4 pm on Thursday 21 February, eight of the ten community Councils had sufficient nominations to re-establish.

In total, 84 valid nominations were received compared to 139 vacancies. The figure for the same community councils in 2014/5 was 40.

The list of community councils and breakdown of valid nominations received is as follows:

Community Council Received Minimum Maximum Current Status
Auchmuty & Woodside 1 8 15 Insufficient nominations
Boarhills & Dunino 4 4 8 Reform without poll
Cairneyhill 9 6 11 Reform without poll
Leven 12 9 18 Reform without poll
Lochgelly 11 8 16 Reform without poll
Methil 9 9 17 Reform without poll
Royal Burgh of St. Andrews 15 10 20 Reform without poll
South Parks & Rimbleton 1 7 13 Insufficient nominations
Strathkinness 10 5 10 Reform without poll
Windygates 12 6 11 Reform without poll

The list of nominations received for each Community Council, including four invalid nominations, can be accessed from Related Publications below.





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