Temporary sites

Fife experiences unauthorised encampments by Gypsy Travellers every year. 

In 2014, there was an increase of large unauthorised encampments such as public parks.

We have a responsibility to identify areas for roadside encampments to be directed to. There are many factors which we need to consider before we can begin a public consultation on proposing a seasonal (temporary) site.  These are:

  • Seasonal sites must be located where Gypsy Travellers are likely to go. From our experience, these are likely to be in Central Fife.
  • Fife Council owned land.
  • Good road access to proposed site.
  • Located with an infrastructure – for example hard standing; water; drainage.
  • Land has to be free from dangers – for example flooding or contaminates.


This involves preliminary surveys and site investigations conducted by housing maintenance officers and architects.  Once officers have positive results about the suitability of land, we would begin a public consultation on proposals for a seasonal site.

All consultation will follow the National Standards for Community Engagement.  Click here for more information consultation guidelines.

We will provide management of the seasonal site and portable facilities.  The site would only be operational from March until October and will be closed outwith these times.  Anti-Social behaviour will not be tolerated on the site and this will be made clear at the beginning of the stay. 

Hayley Rodger, Travelling Persons Site Manager (East) 
Tel: 03451 55 55 55 + Ext 45 03 30 Contact Hayley Rodger online

Peter Farrell, Travelling Persons Site Manager (Central) 
Tel: 01592 650799 Contact Peter Farrell online

Lesley Corio, Travelling Persons Site Manager (West) 
Tel: 01383 838090 Fax: 01383 838090 Contact Lesley Corio online
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