Local Elections 2017



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Ward No: 20

This ward will have 3 councillors.

The electorate is 11,144.

The turnout for this ward was 53.6%.

Use the following links for detailed information about the Single Transferable Vote (STV) information for this ward.

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Winning Candidates

All Candidates

Candidate Party Elected at stage First Preference Votes received
green.png Jenny Collins Scottish Green Party   275
liberaldemocrates.png Margaret Kennedy Scottish Liberal Democrats 1 2401
snp.png Karen Alison Marjoram Scottish National Party (SNP) 4 1064
labour.png Helen Martin Scottish Labour Party   234
scottish_conservatives.jpg Tony Miklinski Scottish Conservative and Unionist 1 1561
snp.png Steven Mitchell Simpson Scottish National Party (SNP)   359

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