Day services for older people

Day services provide an opportunity for older people who may benefit from the support offered in a group setting.  Fife Council has been taking a proactive approach and working shoulder to shoulder with the Fife Elderly Forum, NHS Fife and voluntary and private sector across the Kingdom to develop much more synergy between the networks of support out in the community.  This is a change in direction from the traditional thinking on day care services and to start offering a more flexible and much more tailored choice of services for older people.

This has been done with full engagement with service users, carers, their families and representative groups where they are calling for much more choice, flexibility and control.

Together our collective and long term aim is to have a community with a rich resource of services which deliver the right care, at the right time, by the right people.

What is available for me at a day care centre?

  • group activities

  • individual support

  • information and advice

We believe that the three day service models being implemented in Fife will help meet the needs of older people whether they require an Active Ageing Day Service which is for people with low to medium level needs; a Reablement Day Service which is for people who require assistance to learn or re-learn skills for independence or perhaps a Day Care Service, which is for people with high level needs. All three models also provide respite for families and carers.

Working with partners

“We have welcomed our inclusion in review of services. Due to the demographic changes, we are re-structuring to meet current and future demands to improve the way we deliver our service.”  Carol Reddington, Manager from Fife Day Care Services.

“It was inevitable that changes needed to be made in the way services are delivered so welcomed being involved.  This highlighted the need to develop a day care provision with a particular focus on dementia so we can meet the needs of the individual now and in the future.”  Anne Smith, Day Centre Services Manager

Fife Elderly Forum - Local Area Co-ordination

Fife Elderly Forum with the support of Change Fund monies and Fife Council have launched a new service, Local Area Co-ordination for Older People in Fife. The concept driving this is pioneering, geared to ensuring older people are supported to:

  • Remain active and connected to their communities
  • Retain their independence for as long as is possible
  • Continue contributing to their community and are valued equally by it

Four Local Area Co-ordinators will deliver this service, utilising their wealth of experience at both project and managerial levels in the fields of mental health, volunteer and community development, and home care delivery.  They aim to work with older people, their families and carers, service providers and communities in an innovative and personalised manner to help individuals overcome the challenges of identifying services and resources which support them to live as independently as possible within their homes and communities.  For information contact Fife Elderly Forum 01592 643743; email or visit

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