Retention Schedules

What is records retention?


Records retention is about how long the Council keeps its records.  Every record in the Council has a period for which it will be kept. This includes records that contain personal data.


A record is defined as ‘a distinct packet of information’. A record can be various things. Amongst these are a document, a visual file (a photograph or video), an audio recording, a line entry in a continually updated database, a text message, or a posting on social media.


This period for which we retain records is either prescribed by law or, where this is not the case, it is determined by business ‘best practice’.   At the end of this period (called the retention period), records are reviewed and, if they are no longer required for current business use, they are either selected for permanent preservation or promptly disposed of. Any onward retention for business use is strictly controlled.


What are the rules?


The rules for this are set out in the Council records retention schedule.


The Council follows the Scottish Council on Archives Records Retention Schedules (SCARRS) national Scottish retention scheme for local authorities.  This offers up to date legislative retention and informed business best practice retention.  Legislative retention is fixed while business best practice retention in SCARRS is offered as a guideline to Councils.


The Council is currently developing its SCARRS-based retention Schedule as part of its MS SharePoint roll-out project.  Over the coming months (these texts were written in July 2018), the customised schedules will be posted on this page. 


How does a member of the public find out how long a record is being kept for?


The way for a member of the public to find out how long the Council retains a particular type of record, including records that contain personal data, is to make a request via this page


Meantime, the way for you to find out how long the Council retains a particular type of record, including records that include your personal data, is to make a request via the FOI Requests page (opens in a new browser tab or window)




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