Youth Mentoring Programme

Are you a young (teens or twenties!) Fife Council employee?

Are you interested in developing your career prospects?



Imagine pairing up with someone who’s been there, done that. Someone who can offer advice and point you in the right direction. Our Workforce Youth Investment (WYI) Mentoring Programme does just that.

You would be paired with a ‘mentor’ from another part of the organisation who you’d meet up with on a regular basis. You’d attend ‘Catch-up Sessions’ every quarter with the other young employees on the programme. These provide opportunities to network and share experiences. You would also have the chance toattend workshops which will help to grow your confidence and generally help to develop you as an employee.



Why would you take part?

Your mentor would help you to understand what is expected of you as an employee. They’ll help you to identify your personal strengths and advise you how to improve your skills to support your career progression.


A mentor’s role is to:

  • Enable you to identify your personal strengths and areas for development in relation to your career goals and identify how to improve your skills to support your career progression.
  • Encourage you to explore career paths and understand how to navigate your way to/through your career.
  • Help you develop the personal resilience necessary to deal with constructive criticism, stress and adversity.
  • Encourage you to take responsibility for your own professional behaviour.Erin Wilson



Erin Wilson, Customer Solutions Modern Apprentice said of her experience "The Mentoring Programme is a great thing to put on your curriculum vitae and great opportunity to meet other mentors and mentee’s and learn about their jobs and experience, have regular meetings with someone in a different team in the council and also to get involved in other events and work shadowing opportunities."

Andrew Smith, Pensions Modern Apprentice said of his experience "I can definitely see that this is something can be used to my personal advantage with both my career but also a social life with having others in the same boat as me and who are also a part of this programme.




How can I join in?

If you’d like to know more or would like to join this programme contact Caroline Murphy in HR –


As a prospective ‘mentee’ you will take part in a half day workshop and then be matched up with your mentor. Over the next year or so you will be allowed time away from your job to meet your mentor, build up your partnership and develop your path for the future.



Do you fancy becoming a Mentor?

Are you an employee who would like to improve the career of a young employee? Caroline Murphy in HR – would like to hear from you too.


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