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Across Fife we all have things in common and there are some council services we all use. But people and communities are also different. We need more people to get involved in local conversations to make things work better for you in your community.

The introduction of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act, 2015 enables community groups to get more involved with public bodies to work together to tackle inequalities, focus on prevention and become more involved in the planning process.


Participation Requests

Community groups can make a request to public service bodies, like Fife Council, to become involved in planning improvements to services.  They can do this by submitting a ‘participation request’. Participation request are designed to help groups highlight community needs and issues and to become directly involved in change or improvement.  They are designed to build on existing good quality community engagement and participation processes, not replace them. Nor are they designed as a way of submitting complaints.

A participation request can be used to:

  • Help start a dialogue about something that matters to the community -  highlighting needs, issues or opportunities for improvement;
  • Help people have their voice heard in policy and service development by contributing to decision making processes;
  • Help people to participate in the design, delivery, monitoring or review of service provision through to service change or improvement;
  • Help people to challenge a decision and seek support for alternative approaches that would improve outcomes. 

Please read the Participation Requests Guidance document below.


How to make a Participation Request

You can only make a request as part of an eligible ‘community body’. This means the community body must have a membership which is open to the community and whose work benefits the community.

To make a participation request, please complete the form below and e-mail it to

For further information, please phone 03451 55 55 55 ext 441242.


Community Asset Transfers

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act enables requests to the local authority from community organisations / groups to acquire, lease or take over management of a publicly owned building or land.  This request is known under the Act as a Community Asset Transfer (CAT)

Click here to find out more about Community Asset Transfer




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