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White Ribbon Fife is asking for your support to tackle violence against women. This is an issue where women are primarily the victims, but it is not solely a women’s issue. 
It impacts on men too.  We all know women :
  • mothers;
  • daughters;
  • sisters;
  • friends; and
  • work colleagues.

who experience violence and abuse.  Men need to be part of the solution. 

We are asking men to wear a white ribbon and take the pledge

“never to commit condone or remain silent about violence against women”
The White Ribbon Campaign is active in 55 countries worldwide :
  • highlighting a fundamental human rights issue.
Violence Against Women  - can be any form of violence :
  • used to establish, enforce, or perpetrate gender inequalities and maintain gendered orders. 
The are many crimes and abusive behaviours - perpetrated mostly by men - 
  • that affect women and children disproportionately
they include :
  • domestic abuse
  • sexual violence (rape, incest & child sexual abuse).
  • sexual harassment & intimidation at work and in the public sphere
  • commercial sexual exploitation (including prostitution, pornography, lap dancing, pole dancing & human trafficking)
  • forced and child marriages
  • dowry related violence
  • “honour” crimes
  • female genital mutilation

Fife was awarded White Ribbon status by White Ribbon Scotland in December 2014 in recognition of our achievements in terms of:

  • Policy Development
  • Awareness raising
  • Engagement across sectors
  • Challenging and changing beliefs

We need your help,  we particularly want men to get involved, to promote themselves as positive role models and challenge violence agianst women. To see what you can do visit White Ribbon Scotland

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