There is much to be gained by influencing road users by methods other than engineering and enforcement.  Education and encouragement can be a valuable tool in making all road users think of the risks their actions impose on others and seeking to change driver behaviour.  Promoting a climate of public opinion that encourages safe driving practices and discouraging speeding and bad driving.

Although Transportation Services play a part in education, training and publicity  Fife's Road Safety Support Unit and Police play the key role.  They provide education and training to children from an early age about a variety of road safety issues as well as:

  • Life after learning
  • Fife pass plus
  • In car safety
  • Better driving courses
  • Theatre group visit

Police carry out valuable work using seasonal campaigns to target speeding, drunk driving and non seat belt use as well as high profile patrolling in marked Police cars to deter offending motorists.  The Criminal Justice Service have an initiative which provides training and education on road safety for traffic offenders.

There are a variety of organisations from both public and private sector which are collaborating to provide a varied programme for training and education.

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