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Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice explains how we use the information that we collect about you.

Fife Licensing Board use the information provided by you within your application form for personal, premises, occasional and extended hours licences, as well as applications to vary or transfer licences in order to process your application and decide whether your application is granted.

The personal information we gather depends on the type of licence applied for.  The licence application forms all request your name, home address, contact details and date of birth.  Some of our licence applications also require information on relevant criminal convictions..  We may also require information to evidence your identity and certificates of training course completed.

It is inevitable as part of the licence application process that you will provide us with details of third parties such as premise managers and also other persons who have connections to the premises. We require their personal information (name, home address, contact details, date of birth and details of relevant criminal convictions) in order to process the application and determine whether an application will be granted.

We have statutory functions to carry out licensing and we process these application forms in terms of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.

In the event that we did not request and use this information then it would not be possible to carry out our statutory functions and determine your licence application.

We keep a Public Register of Licence Applications as we are under a legal obligation to do so.  We only make available the minimum amount of personal information as set out in the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Licensing Register (Scotland) Regulations 2007.

We share your application with Police Scotland and we may notify your application to NHS Fife; relevant community councils; the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and any relevant neighbours where the law states that we must do so.  We may also publish notice of your application on the Council's website where the law states that we must do so. Our suppliers who host and manage our systems also have access to your personal information to enable them to provide technological support to us when required.

The Council will not keep your information for longer than is necessary. In some instances the law sets the length of time information has to be kept. The Council has a retention schedule which sets out how long we hold different types of information. This can be found here.

Further information on how your information is used and why can be found at The Council's Data Protection Officer can be contacted at:

Fife Licensing Board is an independent regulatory body by virtue of Section 5 of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005. The Board members are made up of local councillors and they must undergo training to be allowed to sit on the Board.

Current Board Members:

Cllr Carol Lindsay 
Cllr Zoe Hisbent
Cllr David Macdiarmid
Cllr John Docherty
Cllr Donald Lothian
Cllr Andy Heer
Cllr Gavin Ellis
Cllr Garry Haldane
Cllr Ryan Smart
Cllr Alistair Cameron

Function of the Board

The Fife Licensing Board is there to administer and determine applications for premises that sell alcohol to the public. They are also required to regulate certain Gambling activities within Fife.

Licensing Policy Statements

The Licensing Board is required to provide policy statements that set out how they intend to exercise its functions in terms of both Liquor Licensing and Gambling.  These can be viewed from the publications section on this page.


Fife Licensing Board’s Statement of Licensing Policy 2018 – 2023 will take effect from 5 November 2018, this can also be viewed in the publications section below.

Fife Licensing Board Annual Functions Report and Financial Report 

The Licensing Board is required to publish an annual report setting out how it has carried out its functions, summarising the decisions made and also a financial report on the Board's Income & Expenditure during the financial year. View The Fife Licensing Board's Function Report and the Financial Report for 2018/19 along with details of the Premises Licence Applications, Extended Hours Applications and Occasional Licence Applications which can also be viewed from the publications section on this page.

Attending a Licensing Board Meeting

When the Licensing Board has to consider an application, the applicant and any person who has made an objection or representation will be cited to the meeting to present their case before the Board makes a decision.

Prior to the Board meeting the applicant will receive a citation letter requesting their attendance and the letter will detail any issues that are required to be addressed at the Board.  If you are the applicant you will also receive copies of any reports or letters that the Board will take into account.

View the 'What to expect when attending a Licensing Board Meeting' document for more information.

For further information on Fife Licensing Board and to view scheduled meetings & agendas visit their profile page:  Fife Licensing Board


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