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Alcohol (Minimum Pricing) (Scotland) Act 2012 comes into force on 1 May 2018
The Scottish Government has issued guidance which can be found at the following link
Further guidance including a calculator is available at
For further information on how to apply minimum pricing, please contact one of Fife Council’s licensing standards officers on 03451 555555 ext 446925 or 446926 or by email to


The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 replaced the Licensing (Scotland) Act 1976 on 1st September, 2009 and the previous 7 types of licenses’ (e.g Public Houses and Off-Sales) were replaced with a premises licence.

A premises licence is required for premises where the sale of alcohol is part of the business.  An application can be made by an individual over the age of 18, a company or an organisation involved in the sale of alcohol.  Premises licences are transferable and remain in force with no time limit subject to the payment of an annual fee.  Failure to pay the annual fee may result in the loss of the licence.  Fees are banded according to the rateable value of the premises concerned.

See the Fee List document for more information.

How to Apply

To apply for a Premises Licence, download the application below:

Fife Licensing Board - Application Form for Premises Licence

Fife Licensing Board - Application Form for Confirmation of Provisional Premises Licence

Premises licence applications must also be accompanied by the following certificates:

  • Section 50 Building Certificate
  • Section 50 Planning Certificate
  • Section 50 Food & Hygiene Certificate

Please ensure the application form including the Operating Plan and Disabled Access & Facilities Statement is fully completed. 

A Premises Licence Application will not be accepted without the relevant Certificates required.

Should you wish to apply for a Section 50 Certificate, please see the publications sections below for the Application Forms. These should be completed and returned to the relevant departments noted on each form.

You must also lodge 5 copies of the layout plan of the premises with your application.  See the Layout Plan Guidance Note for more information.

As from 30/03/2018 all Premises Licence Application Forms will include a Disabled Access and Facilities Statement. Please click here for guidance from the Scottish Government on completing this statement.

A premises manager must be appointed and that person must be the holder of a granted personal licence.

Core Hours

The hours during which the premises are to trade must be included in the operating plan (the core hours). Core hours can be varied on occasional basis by making an application for extended hours. Such an application must be lodged 28 days prior to the event. Applications lodged outwith this time scale may not be dealt with.

Fife Licensing Board will:

  • send a copy of the application to the Chief Constable of Police Scotland
  • send a copy of the application to the Licensing Standards Officers
  • send a copy of the application to Building Standards Officers
  • Send a copy of the application to the NHS
  • advertise the application on Fife Direct
  • notify neighbours within a four metre boundary of the application
  • notify the community council of the application.

You will also need to advertise the application by displaying a notice outside the premises.  You can use the Fife Licensing Board - Confirmation of Site Notice Form.

There will be a hearing before the Licensing Board to consider your application, during which the Board will decide whether there are any grounds for refusal. You will be invited to attend this hearing, and will be able to answer any queries that the Board may have. Alternatively you may choose to be represented at the hearing. For more information, please see the Premises Licence Guidance Notes for more information.

Once granted a premises licence runs for an indefinite period, providing and annual fee is paid. The premises must be operated in accordance with the operating plan. Changes to the operating plan may be made by applying for a minor or major variations:

Fife Licensing Board - Application Form for Minor Variation of Premises Licence
Fife Licensing Board - Application Form for Major Variation of Premises Licence

All premises are subject to mandatory conditions. Local conditions may be added by the Licensing Board.

Tacit consent will not apply as it is in the public interest that the Licensing Board must process your application. If you have not heard from the Licensing Board within 4 weeks, please contact the Liquor Licensing Team on the details provided.

Objections or Representations

Anyone can make objections or representations to an application for a Premises Licence:  Fife Licensing Board - Application Form for making Objections or Representations

Objections or representations may be made to the Board within 21 days of notice of the licence application being given, stating:

  • the grounds of your objection or the nature of your representation
  • your name and address

A copy of your objection or representation is normally sent to the applicant.

Failed Application & Appeal

Please contact your legal adviser in the first instance.  Appeals against the refusal of an application must be made to the Sheriff Principal of the Sheriffdom of Tayside, Central and Fife.  Appeals can only be made under one of the following grounds:

  • the Licensing Board erred in law
  • the decision was based on incorrect material facts
  • the Licensing Board acted contrary to natural justice
  • the Licensing Board used their discretion in an unreasonable manner

Surrender of Transfer of Premises Licence

The following documents are available if you want to surrender or transfer the Premises Licence:

Fife Licensing Board - Application Form for Surrender of Premises Licence
Fife Licensing Board - Application Form for Transfer of Premises Licence (Section 33 - Licenceholder)
Fife Licensing Board - Application Form for Transfer of Premises Licence (Section 34 - Other than Licenceholder)



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