Automatic gaming entitlement

If your alcohol-licensed premises has a bar, you are automatically entitled to make available 2 gaming machines (of category C or D) for use in the premises:  Gaming Machine Categories

To make use of your automatic entitlement, you need to write to the clerk of the licensing board stating that you intend to use your automatic entitlement and enclose a cheque for £50:

Morag Ferguson - Clerk to the Fife Licensing Board
2nd Floor South
Fife House
North Street

Your automatic entitlement will then last as long as you hold the premises licence.

The automatic entitlement is not transferable, so if you sell your business, the new owner will need to write to the clerk of the licensing board and pay their £50 fee.

Licenceholders should meet the Gambling Commission’s Code of Practice and the Gambling Objectives. If you do not, the licensing board may revoke your automatic entitlement.

If you wish to make 3 or more gaming machines available you must apply for an alcohol Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit.



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