Tenant Participation

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Tenant Participation

As a tenant there are lots of different ways you can get involved in the decisions we make about the services you receive.

The Council has a Tenant Participation Strategy and housing officers dedicated to encouraging and maintaining tenant involvement.

Getting Involved as an Individual

You don’t have to be part of a group to get involved as a tenant. You can help us by:

  • Taking part in questionnaires and surveys (published on this website or in our tenants’ newsletter `Down Your Street’);
  • Coming to public meetings to meet housing staff face-to-face;
  • Attending organised events in your local community; and
  • Coming to the annual Tenant Participation Seminar (where all tenants can take part and air their views).

As well as telling us what you think.  We will also try to keep you informed with any changes or improvements we make to our services.  We do this in many ways:

  • Post notices in Public Buildings, Local Service Centres, Libraries, etc.
  • Write to you 
  • Add articles in the
    - tenants’ newsletter ‘Down Your Street’ or
    - the residents newsletter ‘The Fifer’
  • Arrange for officers to attend Federation/Group meetings if you have specific problems.

Your views are always welcomed so please get in touch.  You can do this at the:

  • Local Services Centre, or with a 
  • Tenant Participation Officer, or at
  • Any of the other groups mentioned.   

Tenant Groups 

There are several groups which meet to discuss issues which affect you as a tenant. These include the:

  • Fife Tenants Forum
  • Fife Housing Partnership
  • Tenants’ Federations
  • Local Tenants’ Groups

Fife Tenants’ Forum – this group provides a forum to raise Fife-wide issues. The Forum has two groups, one that:

  • Considers and comments on the Housing Service’s performance information; and another that
  • Monitors and reviews the outcomes of the Tenant Participation Strategy Action Plan.

All three of the Tenants Federations in Fife attend the Forum. The Forum allows tenants to discuss matters of :

  • estate management
  • repairs and improvements
  • investment
  • allocations and support
  • homelessness and prevention; and
  • rents and resources.

Fife Housing Partnership – this group monitors the actions of the Local Housing Strategy.  There are two places for tenant representatives to ensure the tenant perspective.  The Tenants Forum receives updates from the Fife Housing Partnership.

Tenants’ Federations – the Council funds three Tenants’ Federations. They help promote, support and encourage the development of the Fife tenant groups.  They also respond to local, strategic and national consultation and influence decision making.

The Federations are independent of each other.   They manage their own resources and work plans.  

  • North East Fife Tenants and Residents Federation (NEFTRF) 07484075316 -
  • Fife Federation of Tenants and Residents Association (FFOTRA) 01592 641968 -
  • Glenrothes Area Residents Federation (GARF) 01592 611139 -

There are 21 local groups on our register.  Other groups are working towards registration.  Fife Council and the Federations help deal with local issues. We give support to help groups set up and write a constitution. 

A group must be officially registered by the council to be able to get involved in :

  • Events organised by the Council's Housing Service; and to
  • Qualify for funding.

There is a need to consult on :

  • Changes to policies which affect tenants and their likely effects;
  • The standard of service in relation to housing management, repairs and maintenance;
  • Tenant participation strategy; and
  • Stock transfer.   

How to start a Tenants' Group

If you are passionate about what happens in your community.   Why not think about setting up a tenants’ group - if there isn't a group in your area already. 

A tenants' group or association is an organisation formed by local volunteers in an area of council housing.

Your group can choose to concentrate:

  • on housing issues, and
  • wider housing policies; or 
  • consider a whole range of community issues.

We can provide you with any advice and support you need. Officers can explain what's involved in setting up and running a group and they can also tell you how to:

  • Raise interest among people in your area;
  • Identify your group's aims and objectives;
  • Hold a first public meeting to recruit members;
  • Apply for cash grants to get going; and
  • Set up regular meetings with local housing staff to discuss local issues.

We can also explain how a new group can get formal recognition from the council to :

  • qualify for funding; and 
  • the right to regular involvement. 

Recognised groups are on the register of Tenant Organisations. 

Register your Tenants Group

There is help available for new tenant groups: 

  • To provide help with start-up and any initial problems; and
  • Ongoing support from more established groups.

For further information and help please contact :

  •  the Tenant Participation Team and ask for a Housing Officer.

Before registering groups we need a written constitution containing the following: 

  • Your aims and objectives;
  • How people can become members;
  • How the committee operates;
  • Decision making process;
  • Business processes;
  • Fund management;
  • Arrangements for public & annual general meetings; and
  • A process for making changes to the constitution. 

You must also have a committee that:

  • Elects members at an AGM;
  • Elects office bearers;
  • Holds meetings that are open to any member of the organisations;
  • Demonstrates that decisions reached is a democratic process; and
  • Promotes equal opportunities.

Please define the geographic area that your organisation will cover -  it's important.

We will need certain information before you can register the group. Some of this information will be available to the public :

  • Your written constitution;
  • The area covered by your group (your group boundary);
  • Names of committee members (a contact address, PO Box is acceptable) for publication; and
  • A statement saying how you intend to meet with your members and how you will represent their views.

Removal from the register.  We can remove you from the register in any of the following circumstances:

  • Your organisation no longer meets our registration criteria;
  • Your organisation no longer exists; and
  • By mutual agreement. 

You have the right to appeal against our decision (use the contact details provided).


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