Subsidised Bus Services

The provision of bus services across Scotland is on a commercial basis. This means that appropriately licensed private companies can choose to run bus routes when and where they wish. Local Authorities have no responsibilities or powers over these routes.

When a commercial bus company chooses not to provide a bus service in a particular area, Local Authorities can step in to provide a subsidised service, operated by one of the private bus companies under contract. Fife Council currently subsidises local bus journeys across Fife. See the list of subsidised local services in the Publications section of this page.

A subsidised journey is the responsibility of the Council and Fife Council can take action against any bus company who fails to operate a subsidised journey in accordance with the Conditions of Contract.

If you have a complaint about a bus journey please check the list in the Publications section of this page. If the service is shown and the time of day is marked with a dot, then it is a subsidised journey and you should contact the Council – details below. If the service is not shown or the time of day is left blank then it is a commercially operated journey and you should contact the bus company directly – see the Timetable Information page for a list of companies and contact details. You can also make your complaint online using the online form on this page.

Fife Council liaises with the bus companies on a regular basis so, if you have a comment or suggestion for improving a service, please contact the staff detailed below.



Derek Beveridge, Lead Professional (Bus Network Planning & Information) 
Tel: 01592 583223 Contact Derek Beveridge online
By Post: Fife Council Bankhead Central Bankhead Park Glenrothes Fife KY7 6GH

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