Listed Building consent

Listed Building Consent

You will need listed building consent from Fife Council if you wish to alter (internally or externally), extend or demolish a listed building. 

You may also need planning consent and a building warrant. Application forms and guidance notes are available from Kingdom House, Kingdom Avenue, Glenrothes KY7 5LY, or online by clicking on the links for planning applications and for building warrants.

If you need to make repairs or do routine maintenance on your building, and you are using the same materials as already exist and using traditional methods as previously, you may not require listed building consent. It is recommended that anyone proposing repairs to a Listed Builing or a traditional building in a Conservation Area checks with us before starting work on repairs to ensure you are using the correct methods and materials and to avoid carrying out unauthorised work to a Listed Building, which is an offence.  

Making an application

You should supply the following information with your listed building consent application:

  • A site plan relating the building to a significant road or landmarks
  • Drawings of the building (or area affected) as it exists
  • Drawings of what changes are planned at a minimum scale of 1:50 or greater where appropriate, e.g.details of replacement windows and other details.
  • Informative specifications including, for example, dimensions, finishes or colour samples, which may be supplied in the form of codes or descriptive notes, possibly supplemented with samples
  • Recent photographs

Applications for demolition should accurately describe the building’s structural condition, and you may be asked to provide evidence of sale on the open market at a price reflecting its condition and efforts to find a new use.

You should also consider whether or not any proposals in your application are likely to require further alterations to meet building regulations. Some of the following, may not be applicable in a traditional building:

  • venting of structural voids
  • plumbing and appliances
  • additional slate vents
  • trickle vents on windows
  • additions such as terminals, cowls or grilles
  • Any of these may have a noticeable adverse effect on the character of a listed building and should be shown on the application drawings. 

Appointing an agent

If you plan to carry out anything other than minor work to your listed building, it is recommended that an agent with sufficient experience in historic buildings be appointed to advise on the consent process and ensure that the proposed work is appropriate. This might be an architect or building surveyor.

Applications should be submitted to Development Management at Kingdom House, Kingdom Avenue, Glenrothes KY7 5LY.

To download the relevant forms and to apply online visit the website.

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