Listed Building FAQs

How do I find out if a building is listed?

Information on listed buildings in Fife is held by Historic Scotland and Fife Council. You can check if a building is listed by consulting our online map, or by contacting us directly.

Does listing apply to the inside of the building?

The protection covers the inside as well as the outside of the building and extends to the curtilage (any ground associated with the building as well as boundary walls or railings). So whether or not the work is visible from outside, you may need listed building consent.

Is it an offence to carry out works without consent?

Yes - It is an offence to carry out works to a listed building without consent. This can include works such as replacement windows and doors, installing an alarm or a satellite antenna or even the painting of any part of the exterior of the building.

What if I want to repaint my doors or windows?

The repainting of windows and doors or other external paintwork in the same colour does not need any form of consent. If you want to change the colour, however, this will need listed building consent. If you live in a conservation area it will also need planning permission.

What about other repairs?

Straightforward repairs, where you are using the same materials and methods, will not normally need listed building consent. Minor interior redecorating - where no decorative finishes of significance to the building are affected - will also not require consent.

What if I am still unsure?

If in any doubt as to whether consent is needed prior to carrying out works to a listed building it is always advisable to check with us before starting work.

Does listing affect VAT?

Alterations to a listed building for domestic purposes are no longer eligible for retrospective relief from Value Added Tax (VAT) (as of October 2012).

Zero-rating is limited to the first grant of a major interest in a protected building substantially reconstructed from a shell (more information on this can be found in Section 10 of Notice 708).

What types of building are affected?

Zero-rating applies to all qualifying protected buildings and will affect listed residential dwellings and listed buildings used for charitable and other residential purposes.
For more information see Public Notice 708, Buildings and Construction, Section 10  on the HM Revenue and Customs website at Alternatively contact HMRC direct on 0845 010 9000, or email

Will listing increase my buildings insurance?

Listing does not require an owner to increase the insurance cover for their building. It is for each owner to decide what is appropriate to cover possible risks and protect the value of their asset. Because of the age and character of a listed building, repairs and insurance premiums may be more expensive than repairs to an equivalent modern building.

Can I get a grant if I own a listed building?

There is no automatic entitlement to grants if you live in a listed building. It is the responsibility of individual property owners to maintain their property to an adequate standard.

In general, repair grants operate in specific regeneration projects for a limited period only and for repairs which will be of demonstrable public benefit, such as boundary repairs and shop fronts.

Limited grant funding may also be available in specific regeneration projects to assist property owners in preserving the external fabric and traditional appearance of their historic buildings. For more information see Conservation Areas: Grants.

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