Conservation area appraisals

Most of Fife's 48 conservation areas have a Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan.


The appraisal is a management tool which helps to identify the special architectural and historic character of an area. It provides the basis for the development of a programme of action that is compatible with the sensitivities of the historic area and enables local authorities to fulfil their statutory duties to protect and enhance conservation areas. Appraisals also inform policy and assist development control. They provide an opportunity to educate residents about the special needs and characteristics of the area and help developers identify and formulate development proposals.


Appraisals include an analysis of the historic development of the area, its buildings and townscape, street patterns and open spaces. Other topics can include identifying buildings at risk, and reviewing the impact of existing street furniture and signage. The associated management plan sets out the framework for active management of an area.


You can look at a map of Fife’s conservation areas here (opens in a new tab). You can do a postcode search to find out if you live in a conservation area, and link to a conservation area appraisal where one has been completed for the area.


Although not a statutory requirement, current Scottish Planning Policy recommends the preparation of appraisals, and guidelines for their format and content are contained in Planning Advice Note 71: Conservation Area Management.





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