Part Time 20mph Speed Limits

part time 20mph speed limit sign

part time 20mph speed limit sign

Part-time 20mph speed limits

There are a number of schools in Fife which are on roads where a 20mph speed limit would not be practical. This often applies to distributor roads within built up areas or outlying schools which are on the main road network.

In order to improve safety at these locations, whilst maintaining good traffic flow, part time 20mph speed limits have been developed. These limits operate only when children may be travelling to and from school. Electronic signs are positioned at either end of the limit which flash when the 20mph speed limit is in operation. When the schools are finished, or children are in class, the signs switch off and the normal speed limit for the road applies.

These speed limits are covered by a legal order and are fully enforceable. Drivers caught exceeding 20mph can face a fine and points on their licence. To improve driver awareness of these speed limits posters and leaflets have been produced which can be displayed in local businesses and schools.

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