On-street Parking

On-street parking is managed primarily through the Highway Code and it is expected that all drivers should adhere to this. In some circumstances, road markings and signage is provided to manage on-street parking where demand is high.

Various restrictions may be put in place to manage parking on the road to improve safety and traffic flow including:

  • Double yellow lines - No waiting at any time.
  • Single yellow lines - No waiting at specified times.
  • Double yellow dashes on the kerb - No loading at any time.
  • Single dashes on the kerb - No loading at specified times.
  • Marked parking bays – some with time restrictions.
  • Bus box markings - no stopping unless queuing
  • School keep clear markings - no stopping unless queueing

Most of these restrictions require the creation of amendment of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).

Further information is available in the highway Code. There is an online version available at Direct Gov (external link).

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