Council Plan 2017

Ambitious for Fife

The Fife Council Plan was approved by the Council on the 16th May 2013.

The Fife Council Plan set out our direction for policy and our commitment to reform over the term of the Plan.

Fife Council’s challenge was to meet the growing needs and demands being made on our services with an ever reducing budget.

In order to meet this challenge by 2017 we  set ourselves five aims:

These aims put our customers first and will be achieved by having everyone work together to meet 20 outcomes spread across all council services. These will be reinforced by reforming how we deliver all public services.

The Council Plan 2017 draws on the framework and the outcomes laid down in Fife’s Community Plan 2020 and the Single Outcome Agreement which strengthens Fife’s future by bringing organisations together to benefit Fife’s communities.  The Council Plan includes clear performance objectives with known benchmarks and measureable outcomes. These influence the annual performance review of progress and performance which will then be presented to the Executive Committee.

Under the Local Government in Scotland Act 2003, all Scottish Councils have a statutory duty to deliver Best Value, therefore managing our performance and reporting our results is a necessary and important requirement.  To make it easier for our customers, partners and stakeholders to gain access to how well the council is performing we have developed this digital portal.  By selecting the aims (either from the diagram on the right or the list above) a variety of information has been brought together in one place reflecting what we are doing in our priority areas.



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