Childcare vouchers

 The Government has closed all childcare voucher schemes to new applicants.  If you joined the scheme before 4th October 2018 you can continue your membership of the scheme providing:

  • your salary was adjusted on or before 4 October 2018
  • you do not take an unpaid career break of longer than a year


To manage your childcare vouchers you should visit:


If you have previously been a member of the scheme you can log-in to your account and re-join by going to the My Vouchers page, provided that:

  • You re-join within 12 months of previously being in the scheme e.g. if you left the scheme in May 2018 you would need a salary sacrifice payroll deduction by April 2019.
  • You have never been in the Tax Free Childcare scheme



The Council’s Payroll Team administer salary deductions and can be contacted on VOIP 2000 or email



You can also consider the Government's Tax  Free Childcare (although you cannot continue to claim childcare vouchers if you successfully apply for this).  See here for further information.





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