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Employee Lifestyle Savings

Save hundreds of pound every year with access to a huge range of exclusive discounts.  This will help you save on your weekly shopping holidays and much more.  Vist

The Employee Benefits Platform has been upgraded.  If you have not logged on the site since October 2018 you are required to re-register.  You will need your payroll number to reregister - pease note if you are having problems re-registering try using your payroll number without the leading zeros.   (e.g. if your payroll number was 012345, try using 12345 or if your payroll number was 000123, try using 123).  If you have any further problems please call 01908 352133.

Local Offers

For local discounts click here to access the document which lists information about the discounts and how to access.

Any discounts missing from our list?

Know a business who’d like to take part? Have a business you’d like us to approach or a product or service you think is missing?  Email us at

Please note: Fife Council does not solely recommend the providers within the local discounts list, all employees should satisfy themselves that any service provider is properly qualified, registered with the relevant professional body and has appropriate insurance.








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