Financial Health

need physical or financial information?

need physical or financial information?

Home Benefits

Fuel poverty has a very real impact on health – the inability to afford to adequately heat a home or having to make a choice between heating or eating.  Fife Council is a shareholder of Our Power, a not-for-profit energy supplier. It was set up by progressive Scottish social housing providers to make energy fairer and reduce levels of fuel poverty. They aim to offer more affordable energy, excellent customer service and never charge exit fees. Everyone can switch to Our Power, not just social housing tenants.  You can find out more about their tariffs by visiting or by calling 0808 189 3085.  For further information on heating your home and what a free Cosy Kingdom home energy advice visit can do for you, please visit






Your financial health


Credit Unions


You can directly access a number of financial and insurance related benefits, including Credit Unions.  Fife Voluntary Action promotes several credit unions, for further information refer to their website  for further information.


If you are worried about money the Citizens Advice & Rights Fife may be able tohelp. They offer free, independent and confidential advice that can help you regain control of your finances. See their website, call 0345 1400 095 or visit in person.



Claiming Tax Relief


Her Majesties Revenue and Customs (HMRC) provides advice on claiming tax relief on the likes of uniforms and work clothing. Information can be found on   



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