Your BIG idea

What's the BIG idea?

What's the BIG idea?

Challenges, choices, conversations – let’s change


The Big Idea employee suggestion scheme is an ongoing process to help us share good practice and make improvements.


Our Reality Check is addressing unwritten ground rules about how we act and deal with each other at work. UGR conversations and the CheckMates are primarily concerned with the culture of our workplaces - what it's like to work around here and what we can each take personal responsibility for changing to make things better.


But perhaps we can also improve what we do. Processes, policies, operations, customer interactions... Changes you can't make happen on your own.


Join the conversation for change – send us more of your ideas!


  • What would make my job easier?
  • Could we change the way we do something to make it more efficient? 
  • Could we stop doing something, or do it differently, to save money? 
  • Can I share something that's already improved what my team does so that others in the council can try it out?

Let’s hear your ideas for how to make a BIG difference to what we do or what we spend.

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