Service Development and self-evaluation

We are committed to improving the service that we provide on an ongoing basis. In January 2017 the service took part in a scrutiny process with Education Scotland known as Validated Self Evaluation (VSE). You can read the full report here.

We outlined the main themes which came out of the process in terms of our strengths and areas for development - FCEPS VSE feedback for partners.

We also developed a plan of what we need to do - FCEPS VSE Action Plan.

To do this, we have an established Self-Evaluation Framework which we use to plan and measure the service we provide.  We use the tools within this framework to gather data and outcomes about the service we provide to schools, children, young people and their families, and to partners and other stakeholders.

In their VSE report, Education Scotland said "Unique to this service is the innovative use of improvement science methodologies in relation to their own self-evaluation".

We also gather information directly from individuals about how we are doing, then use this information to decide how we can improve further.

We do this in a variety of different ways:

  • on a regular basis we ask for feedback from parents about their experience of the service. 
  • We have developed a framework describing ways of getting accurate feedback from young people - which includes how the child or young person has been supported by our service to be involved in planning their own teaching and learning experiences
  • For the last ten years, we have asked a Reference Group of other agencies and professionals to give us feedback on particular areas of our work.  In early 2016 we asked them for feedback on our service’s contribution to the Education and Children’s Services Directorate. 


  • Every three years, we make a new Service Improvement Plan.  We do this by:

- looking at what we have achieved in the previous Plan

- taking into account Fife Council Education and Children’s Services Directorate priorities

- taking account of national priorities and any other local issues.

We want to ensure that within our service we use our skills most effectively to make a contribution to improving the educational outcomes and health and wellbeing of all children in young people in Fife - especially those who are most vulnerable or disadvantaged.

Our current Service Improvement Plan runs until 2017 but we are already making plans for things that we may focus on in our new plan, which will run from 2017 to 2020.

Every year we write a Standards and Quality Report, to show the main things that we have achieved in the last twelve months.

There is national scrutiny of psychological services through Education Scotland.  This process is known as Validated Self Evaluation.

Our service went through this process in January 2017.  In advance, we produced our own Self Evaluation Summary.  The VSE report is available on the Education Scotland site - you can access it here




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