Nominations to Housing Associations

The Fife Housing Register (FHR) provides different partnership options for Housing Associations who operate in Fife.

Full FHR Partners

100% Nomination FHR Partners

What is a full FHR partner?

All allocations by full FHR Partners are taken direct from the FHR housing list. Applicants wishing to be housed by a Partner simply applies through FHR and requests the Housing Association as a landlord. All applicants are assessed by the Common Assessment of Need so application pointing and housing need is the same across all Partners.  Each Partner operates their own Allocations Policy, if you want to find out more about the Allocation Policy of a Housing Association contact the Association direct.

What is a 100% Nomination partner?

100% nomination contact Fife Council when a property becomes available and applicants from the FHR housing list are nominated to them. Although the Council can make nominations it is up to the Landlord to make the offer of housing.  Each Association operates their own Allocations Policy and the decision to allocate lies with the landlord. If you wish to be housed by one of these Partners, apply through FHR

*Dunedin Canmore maintain internal ‘transfer’ lists. Current tenants can apply direct to their landlord for a transfer, however all other applicants must apply through FHR to be considered for their properties.

*Cairn continue to maintain a housing list for their older persons housing (retirement/sheltered), you can apply direct to Cairn or through FHR to be considered.

What is a nomination/referral partner

A nomination/referral partner manages properties in Fife however they still hold their own separate housing lists.

The Associations hold a Nominations Agreement with Fife Council, meaning around 50% of their vacancies are allocated through referrals made from our FHR housing list.

When these Associations have a vacancy they decide if they want to allocate direct from their own list or if they wish to request a nomination referral.

When appropriate, the Council will provide a ‘Section 5 referral’ (a priority homeless applicant), which allows the Association to assist in reducing homelessness in Fife.

To be considered for nomination, you must have an active FHR application.

Although the Council can provide nominations it is up to the Landlord to make an offer of housing.  Each Association operates their own Allocations Policy and the decision to allocate lies with the landlord.

We encourage applicants to consider all housing options and housing providers to increase your chances of being housed.  If you are particularly keen to be housed by any of our ‘nomination’ landlords, we recommend you apply to them direct to maximise your chances.

Click on any of the Housing Association landlords above and we’ll re-direct you to their website for more information.

Other Housing Association Providers 

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