Local Election 2012

Results from the May 2012 local elections have been pulled together and are illustrated in interactive maps, to make it easy to see who is controlling their council and who has been elected to represent them in their multi-member ward.

One of the maps provides a breakdown of political control in all 32 Scottish local authorities. Clicking on a local authority area on this map will tell you which political party or combination of political parties is controlling the council, as well as a breakdown of the number of councillors each political party has in post, along with independents.

There is also a map for each of the 32 local authority areas. When you select a local authority area, you will be able to click on a multi member ward within that area to find out who was elected, which political party they represent (or if they are independent) and at what stage they were elected in the counting process.

Election Results

Welcome to Fife's election results for Local Election 2012. You can view the party results as percentage of seats won or for detailed results in each ward, either use the interactive ward map or search for a ward by postcode.

Declared Wards:22

Undeclared Wards:0

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