Bespoke apprenticeships

A Bespoke Apprenticeship is:

A job + work-based training = Bespoke Apprenticeship

Becoming an apprentice is a great way to kick start any career. You will learn on the job, receive invaluable practical experience and work towards an industry-recognised vocational qualification - whilst getting paid.

A Bespoke Apprenticeship works in almost exactly the same way as a Modern Apprenticeship.  It is an apprenticeship designed by the Council to meet the needs of a specific role that is not covered within an existing Modern Apprenticeship framework. 

Therefore, the apprenticeship framework will be designed in-house to meet the needs of a specific role within the Council. Such apprenticeship typically last 2 years but can be tailored to meet the needs of the role/qualification sought. Qualifications may be college led or follow a professional route. Examples of Bespoke Apprenticeships already in existence within the Council include an Enterprise Apprenticeship and Building Services and Public Safety Apprenticeship.

There are a broad range of frameworks available to adapt.  For the most up to date listing, and for details of the requirements under each framework, look on the Skills Development Scotland website:

For more information see our Case Studies page.

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