Information for Private Operators

As the owner of, or person having an interest in, an off-street car park with public access you will have the responsibility to decide if you wish to have Fife Council enforce disabled persons’ parking places within your car park.  If so:

  • Ensure the bay markings comply with “Disability Discrimination Act – Good Practice Guide for Roads” by Transport Scotland

Additional complementary guidance is given in “Inclusive Mobility – A guide to Best Practice on Access to Pedestrian and Transport Infrastructure” by Department for Transport and also “Fife Council Transportation Development Guidelines – Roads and Built Environment” Chapter 7.

Bays in outdoor surface level car parks must include a sign at the head of each bay which complies with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002. 

The car park must display an information sign (or signs) located at a position to ensure users are aware that disabled bays are provided, who enforces them and what the prevailing penalties are for misuse.  This is an example of what the sign(s) may look like. 

  • Ensure that where disabled persons’ parking places do not comply with this guidance, that you will be responsible for the installation of the lines and signs, including associated costs. 
  • Provide ongoing maintenance of the lines and signs to ensure disabled persons’ parking places can be enforced.


FifeCouncil will have the responsibility to:


  •  Establish that the parking place is eligible and, if satisfied, commence the statutory process for making an Order.  Normally this can take up to nine months to complete, as the statutory process allows for objections.


  •  Provide a dedicated contact telephone number for the reporting of the abuse of disabled persons’ parking places.


  •  Ensure that restrictions relating to disabled persons’ parking places on your site are enforced by the Council’s Parking Attendants.  To fund this enforcement provision Fife Council will retain any revenues generated from the issuing of Penalty Charge Notices (parking tickets).


  • Contact every relevant business or individual every two years, which elects not to enforce their disabled persons’ parking places, to review their decision.


What happens next?

  • You are now kindly requested to sumbit an e-mail requesting assessment of your disabled bays.
  • If you wish to apply by post then please write to:

    Traffic Management & Safety Team,
    Transportation Services,
    Fife Council,
    Bankhead Central,
    Bankhead Park,
    Glenrothes, Fife,
    KY7 6GH.



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