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Be Social Be Aware

Be Social Be Aware

Social media, including social networking, is just another communications channel. It is part of the communications mix and can used for specific purposes, and to reach particular groups of people.


Not sure what social media is all about?  Have a look here for a quick introduction!

Fife Council has corporate social media accounts already set up.  The Customer Solutions Team create these accounts and information is added to each by managers/moderators in the services.  Where a dedicated page doesn't currently exist, services can request a post to the Fife Council page or Twitter account, by emailing your information to  It’s worth considering the use of these corporate accounts when thinking about social media for your campaign as it's not always necessary to have your own account/page to get your message onto the social networks and they already have a considerable audience size.

Have a look here for a list of Fife Council's social media accounts.


If you are considering the use of social media for your service or campaign have a look through our using social media page which will explain the set up process and read the employee responsibilities page to find out how we expect employees to behave when using social media. Have a look at the Be Social, Be Aware poster for some simple rules to keep you safe when you're using social media - whether that's for work, or in your personal life.

You can find a full copy of our guidance notes attached to the bottom of this page along with the Social Media Guidelines from HR (CC14), which also have valuable advice for employees' personal use of social media.




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