Universal Credit

Full Service Universal Credit was introduced to Fife on 6 December 2017. Some households in the Tayport area were introduced on 4 November due to rollout across Dundee, and residents in KY14 6 and KY14 7 will move over in June 2018 with Perth and Kinross Council area.

This large scale change to the welfare system aims to make claims simpler, and encourage more people into work, by replacing some benefits with a single monthly payment.

Many people will remain on their existing benefits unless their circumstances change. Job Centre Work Coaches will contact people in advance of the changeover to UC.

‘Your Guide to Universal Credit’ has been produced for Fife which explains Universal Credit, how to apply, waiting on first claim, and the support available particularly if you are in financial difficulty.

The process for making a new Universal Credit claim is explained in this Youtube video.

To get online, Fife’s Digital Directory details where free internet access is available. Work coaches in job centres will assist with your claim or you can call 0800 328 5644, plus you can drop in to any of Fife’s community job clubs.

We understand that there may be difficulties as you wait for your first payment. Support is available – for advice on managing money, looking for work and accessing help click here.

Advance payments from DWP are available for up to 100% of your claim amount. Your Work Coach will be able to discuss this with you. More details are available at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/universal-credit-advances


Once you claim Universal Credit, you can choose to:

  • be paid either monthly or twice monthly; and
  • have the housing costs in your Universal Credit  paid direct to your landlord.

These choices are available through your Universal Credit online account, and you will be offered them following the first payment, along with further information. This guide explains more about these choices and how they affect UC payments.

You may already have your rent paid directly to your landlord through an Alternative Payment Arrangement - where landlords can apply to have rent paid directly to them if their tenant is in arrears.



Phone Numbers

On 30th November 2017, the DWP phone numbers for Universal Credit queries were updated to free phone numbers.

If you have literature which has the old 0345 number, guidance on how to transfer your call without incurring call charges is below.

Service Line

0345 number

New Freephone number

UC Live Service

0345 600 0723

0800 328 9344

UC Full Service

0345 600 4272

0800 328 5644

UC Sanctions Line

0345 600 3081

0800 328 9744

UC Live to Full Service Transfers

0345 606 9970

0800 328 7844

UC/WA Welsh Line

0345 600 3018

0800 328 1744

UC Text phone

0345 600 0743

0800 328 1344

Performance Measurement

0345 266 1232

0800 328 2144

Payment Services - Creditors/landlords

0345 600 2859

0800 328 0128

Payment Services - Customer contact

0345 600 2865

0800 328 0172

If you dial an 0345/0845 number there will be a message played to inform you that the number you have dialled has been replaced with a Freephone number and providing the new Freephone number to use.


The message will be played three times, with enough time between messages for callers to be able to write the new number down. If a caller stays on the line after the third loop they will be cut off.


You will not be charged if you end the call before the end of the third message loop. However, if you stay on the call until it ends automatically, you may be charged depending on your telephone package for the 90 second call.


DWP will not repay call charge costs for calls to 0345 numbers.

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