Empty Property Matchmaker

Empty Property Matchmaker

Empty Property Matchmaker

Do you own an empty home and want to sell it or would you like to buy an empty property?

If so, then the Empty Property Matchmaker may be just what you need.

The Empty Property Matchmaker is a ‘dating agency’ for empty homes: it aims to match owners who want to sell with people who want to buy an empty property. 

The Matchmaker scheme exists in other local authorities.  This means we can also help to buy or sell empty properties in other parts of Scotland.


Selling an empty home

Not all empty home owners have the time or financial resources to return their property to use, and sometimes the best solution is to sell the property to someone who can.

Whether your empty home needs repair or is 'ready-to-move-in' you are welcome to join the scheme.

Benefits for owners

  • It is a FREE service
  • Your home will be matched up with people who specifically want to purchase an empty property.
  • It can help you find a buyer if you’ve been having difficulty selling or the home is in poor condition.
  • It is a way of exploring your options if you’ve been thinking about selling but haven’t made up your mind.

Buying an empty home

If you are interested in purchasing an empty home, the Empty Property Matchmaker can help you find the property (or properties) that are right for you. You can also let us know if there is a particular empty property that you are interested in purchasing and we can pass your contact details onto the owner.

Benefits for buyers

  • It is a FREE service
  • An empty home needing repair can give people on a lower budget the opportunity to buy at a more affordable price.
  • Access to empty properties that may not be on the open market.


How the scheme works

The Matchmaker Scheme is a FREE service.  Each of the participating local authorities holds two lists; one of potential buyers and one of owners interested in selling their empty property.  These contain information relating to the property type, location, approximate purchase price and condition.

There are a wide range of empty home types, ranging from modern to historic, move-in condition to do-er uppers, large to small and rural to urban.

When the Empty Homes Officer spots a 'match' the buyers are given the empty home owners details to follow up. 

How to join

Email your local Empty Homes Officer to request an owner or buyer registration form at:


  1. The Property Matchmaker scheme is not an estate agency, and all negotiations and sales processes take place between the owner and buyer. We strongly recommend that anyone who is seeking to sell their property obtains independent professional valuation and legal advice from a solicitor or estate agent. 
  2. It is a legal requirement in Scotland for any property which is on the market to have a Home Report. Owners who are considering selling but have not yet taken the step of getting a home report may register with the scheme, however should not enter into any negotiations with potential purchasers until a Home Report is acquired.

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