How We Compare

Local Government Benchmarking Framework

Local Government Benchmarking Framework


How we compare

In addition to performance Indicators chosen locally, there are benchmarked indicators developed by SOLACE, collected as the Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF) and reported under SPI 2. These indicators also contribute to SPI 1  and can be compared nationally with other councils to share knowledge and experience, identify strengths and weaknesses, learn how to do things better and make real improvements.

Scottish councils represent diverse communities. There are huge variations in geography, population, levels of deprivation and community needs. This has to be taken into account when reading the benchmarking data and comparing results around performance and cost.

To learn more about the Local Government Benchmarking Framework visit :

You can view information for each Council by selecting the following link.


You can also view the National Benchmarking Overview Report 2014/15 by selecting the publication at the bottom of this page or this link. (Please note there will be a refresh in March 2016 which includes Looked After Children Data).


Adult Social Care Services

Adult Services relate to the provision of services to support vulnerable adults and older people. The major elements of adult’s services covered within SPI3 are home care services, residential care, direct payments and adults aged 65+ receiving intensive home care. 

Children's Services

Children’s services relate to the provision and regulation of education services for children, and the promotion of children’s health and welfare. The major elements of children’s services covered within SPI3 are preschool education, primary and secondary school provision, positive destinations, attainment and child care and protection. 

Corporate Services

Corporate support services within councils cover a wide range of functions including democratic core, finance, human resources, corporate management, payroll, legal services and a number of other services.  The major elements of corporate services covered within SPI3 are collection of council tax, sickness absence, invoices paid, women in top salaries, support services and democratic core.

Corporate Asset is responsible for strategic asset management of buildings and properties. The major elements of corporate asset service covered within SPI3 focus on operational assets suitability and condition.

Culture and Leisure Services

Culture and leisure services contribute to the quality of life in local communities and support better health across the whole population. The major elements of cultural services covered within SPI3 are sports facilities, museums, libraries, and parks & open spaces.

Economic Development

Economic development services encourage regeneration, business development, assisting people into work and promoting high quality developments. The major elements of economic development service covered within SPI3 focus on the unemployed people in an area assisted into work from council funded/ operated employability programmes.

Environmental Services

Environmental services aim to improve transport, maximise the recovery of waste and keep our communities safe and clean. The major elements of environmental services covered within SPI3 are waste collection, waste disposal, waste recycling, street cleaning and roads maintenance. 

Housing Services

Housing services provides people in Fife with the opportunity to access good quality, affordable housing appropriate to their needs. The major elements of housing service covered within SPI3 are housing quality, and tenant’s arrears & voids. 




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