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What is Stalled Spaces?Outdoor Street Cinema

Stalled Spaces Scotland is a project that aims to inspire the people of Fife and local groups. It is a Legacy 2014 programme inspired by Stalled Spaces Glasgow, supported by Architecture and Design Scotland and the Scottish Government.


We want them to imagine how they can use vacant, derelict or neglected spaces for short term projects to give long term benefits to their communities.


Revitalising areas that have been under used, and transforming them into vibrant, attractive spaces can give a community a sense of ownership and pride. We want to help communities use vacant sites and spaces for temporary, creative, people-centred purposes.

Boosting social regeneration can reduce anti-social behaviour, encourage active healthy lifestyles and attract business investment into an otherwise less attractive areas.


We want the project to fuel people’s imagination. 

We want to work with local community groups, artists, architects, landowners, librarians, designers, gardeners, students, engineers, dancers – anyone with an idea and initiative. Great things can be achieved with community power and resourcefulness. Stalled Spaces has shown that regeneration of Fife’s towns does not necessarily rely on large-scale development schemes.

Stalled Spaces could give you the opportunity to develop and try out ideas. Projects can help you play, experiment and toy with ideas for the future. At the same time Stalled Spaces can make otherwise empty spaces active and can ultimately pave the way for revitalisation of our town centres.

Creative projects

There are many alternative ways to use a space. If you would like to install, perform or display your ideas  we are looking for inspired creativity.

Whether it’s:Outdoor Wall Mural

  • Pop Up sculpture
  • Exhibition Space
  • Outdoor education
  • Arts Project
  • Event Space
  • Urban Beach
  • Pop Up Park
  • Growing Space
  • Or any other innovative idea


Available spaces

There is a vast array of unused spaces in any Town Centre. These may be hard standing, grassed, vacant, derelict or neglected spaces. They may already have been earmarked for future development delayed due to current economic conditions! Because Stalled Spaces Scotland is for short term projects, any space will have possibilities. All proposals must take place in Fife. This is about improving our environment, our town centres.

 Wild Flower Meadow

How do Land Owners benefit?

While allowing use of a site may not bring any financial reward to land owners, having a site used can project positively not just on the space but on the immediate area. It can create access to a previously inaccessible area, present the space well to possible tenants and encourage positive links with the community. Responsibility for maintenance of the site will be taken on by the project team for the duration of the lease/license.

Is there any funding?

Fife Council successfully bid for £12,000 of Stalled Spaces Scotland funding from Architectural & Design Scotland (A&DS), this will be matched by £12,000 from the Town Centre Development Unit.

Grants of between £500 and £2000 will be available to help community groups to deliver projects, and support will be given where required. Proposals must meet set criteria, as detailed below, and a board will decide which proposals are the successful project to go forward.




How to Apply

For more information of the benefits to you, the legal requirements that need to be put in place and all relevant paperwork please email the contact address below.

Please note that if approved, organisations will be required to complete and submit a separate monitoring form on completion of your initiative. A monitoring visit, arranged in consultation with your group/ organisation, will then be carried out by members of the Stalled Spaces Team. 



Advice and support will be available to any individuals who wish to form groups to take forward projects.  They will be on hand throughout the application process to provide advice on becoming a constituted group, appropriate insurance cover, locating landowners and project proposal. Please email the contact address below.


Photographs used on this page are by kind permission as follows:

  • The Secret Cinema. Jenny Humberstone, HERE+NOW
  • The Bothy Project. Patrick Jameson. 
  • The Bothy Project. Bobby Niven


Stalled Spaces funding logos


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