Partnerships & Funding Development Team

Who are we?


The Partnerships & Funding Development Team is made up of:

  • Manager -  Michelle Sweeney
  • Partnerships Development Officer (Communities) -  Karen Taylor
  • Creative Economy Development Officer - Gillian Parsons
  • Funding & Retail Development Officer - Bill Mair

The Team is based in the Rothes Halls, Glenrothes 

We work with many different partners to contribute to the wellbeing of Fifers by developing accessible cultural activities and opportunities for those who live, work and visit the Kingdom. Through promotion of the value of partnership working we help community groups to maximise resources and add value to the work they do.

Core to our work is the development and co-ordination of Fife’s Cultural Strategy. This involves developing and reviewing the Cultural Strategy as required in consultation with Fife's Cultural Consortium members and reporting back on it annually to the Fife Health & Wellbeing Alliance.

Membership of Fife’s Cultural Consortium is growing all the time but currently consists of over 270 members from 110 organisations who deliver cultural activity across Fife. Our role involves coordinating, administrating and supporting the membership to ensure that the public benefit from Fife’s strategic cultural vision.

Grafitti Wall

Grafitti Wall





Our main priorities as a team is to widen access and participation in cultural activity in order that Fife remains a great place to live and work in. On a day to day basis this involves liaising with both community groups and individuals to:


  • Offer support, information and advice
  • Inform them of current funding opportunities & then supporting them with funding applications as necessary
  • Provide support with marketing
  • Offer networking opportunities, such as Cultural Roadshows,  which encourage partnership working and resource sharing

The team supports the Culture Grant in partnership with Fife Council along with the Visual & Craft Artist Grants which are managed in partnership with both Fife Council and Creative Scotland. Key to this is ensuring that the grants reflect and respond to both national and local agendas and that they are accessible to all in Fife.

Along with others in both FCT and Fife Council we aim to create a high profile for Fife both nationally and internationally. This will position it to attract the attention of key cultural influencers such as Creative Scotland, who has already invested significantly in Fife through the current Place Investment. Fife is a true cultural gem with a diverse landscape and a rich variety of cultural festivals and activities and to reflect this we are currently finalising, in partnership with Promote Fife, the production of an online Fifewide Hidden Gems Map which highlights all of the great places to visit and the many things to do in the Kingdom.


The Creative Economy Development Officer , Gillian Parsons has the role of raising the profile of the creative and cultural industries in Fife.


Partnerships & Creative Development Team
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