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**All school buses previously affected by snow have returned to their normal routes**

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Approximately 13,000 pupils travel to school every year by bus or taxi transport provided by Fife Council.  For more information about school transport read our ‘Getting To School’ booklet or have a look through our FAQs below.

All queries regarding school transport should be directed to the school office during term time otherwise call our transport helpline 01592 583219 during the school holidays.

Information about School Transport for pupils with additional support needs can be found here.

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Am I entitled to free school transport?


Pupils who live more than one mile from their catchment primary and over two miles from their catchment high school are entitled to travel for free.  Travel passes are sent out automatically every year to entitled pupils.  If there is anything wrong with your travel pass contact the school office.  Drivers are instructed to take new pupils to school without a pass on the first day of term so they can sort out any travel pass issues at the school office.


A GIS (Geographical Information System) package is used to determine travel entitlement.  We measure the shortest available walking route between the entrance to your property to the nearest school entrance.  It is assumed that pupils are accompanied on their walk to school until they are responsible enough to walk on their own or with friends.  Please note, other online software packages used will use the centre of the road and not the footpath to measure routes.   We carefully draw the walking route by hand on the computer using the centre of the footpath.

Check one of the maps below to see if you are entitled to free transport:

RC Primary School Travel Map (Denominational)
Primary School Travel Map (Non-Denominational)
RC Secondary School Travel Map (Denominational)
Secondary School Travel Map (Non-Denominational)

Once you enter your postcode or street name in the search box, you will be asked to choose your house number or name from the drop down list.  Check the legend box on the right hand side for a description of each coloured zone on the map.  When  you click somewhere within your property an 'identify results' box will pop up.  This box offers more entitlement information.  Take care to avoid the blue pin or any labels as this will stop the results box from appearing.  See below for more details about travel entitlement categories:

 0% entitlement means you are not entitled to free transport.

33% entitlement means pupils under 14 will be eligible to receive a scholars discount but pupils over 14 are not entitled to a discount.  

100% entitlement means that you are entitled to free transport if you attend the catchment school listed.

Please call the school transport helpline number at the bottom of the map if your address falls in to the  category marked ‘Contact Council’ or if you need more information on transport entitlement.

Remember, pupils who do not meet the distance criteria can still use the school bus and pay a fare to the driver.


If you think your transport entitlement decision may be wrong contact the school transport helpline number 01592 583219 during office houses.  We will confirm your entitlelment and an exact measurement and route map can be provided if required.  However, if you are not happy with the measurment or route taken you can appeal in writing by emailing

Non-catchment pupils

The Council's position is that parents and carers have the right to make placing requests and, therefore, hold responsibility for meeting associated travel costs.  The only circumstances in which the Education Service would contribute to meeting such costs would be where a recommendation for a pupil's transfer or placement was approved, in advance, by the Service.

Pupils who move out of the school catchment will have to use a local service bus as there won’t be a school bus for them.  If you qualify for free transport as a placing request a grey travel pass can be issued which allows you to travel on local service buses.  Grey passes are only issued to pupils who meet our strict criteria. Ask your school if you qualify for transport as a placing request.  For local service bus times visit traveline (this link takes you to an external site).

School Bus Timetables

You can access your school bus timetable by going to your school web page on Fife Direct. Alternatively you can scan the QR code printed on your travel pass using a smart phone or other portable device.  A Quick Response (QR) Code is a barcode that can be read using a smartphone or another portable device which has a QR reading application.  There is a link in the QR code which takes you directly to the related web page.  For more information have a look through the FAQs below.

Am I entitled to a school transport discount?


Pupils under 14 who live between 1 and 2 miles from their catchment high school are entitled to a scholar’s discount.  This discount gives them a third off the cost of their travel to school and back. 

Check one of the maps below to see if your address is in a discount zone:

RC Secondary School Travel Map (Denominational)
Secondary School Travel Map (Non-Denominational)

Please note, discounts are only issued to pupils under 14 years old.  Pupils over 14 will not be eligible for Discounted Transport.  See below for more information on transport discounts.

Call the school transport helpline number at the bottom of the map if your address falls in to the category called ‘Contact Council’ or if you need more information on transport entitlement.


Discount letters are sent out automatically every year to the pupil’s home address if they are entitled.  This discount letter should be taken along with proof of your child’s identity to your school bus operator.  If you don't know who your school bus operator is go to your school web page via FifeDirect and locate your school bus timetable.  The bus operator details are printed at the top of the timetable.  
In order to receive the discount you will have to purchase transport in advance by buying a transport ticket for a month or a whole term.  The operator will reduce the price of your travel by a third and will claim the money back from Fife Council.   Remember, to keep your discount letter safe for the year as you will need to take it with you every time you purchase your travel ticket.  New letters are sent out every year in August if you still qualify.


Ask at your school office if you have lost your discount letter.  However, they will ask you to pay £5 for a replacement to cover administration costs.  If you have lost the travel pass you will have to contact the school bus operator to arrange for a replacement.  The operator will charge £5 for a replacement travel pass.

Additional discounts

Pupils in full time education under 16 can travel at half the adult fare to school.  Students between 16 and 18 can use their myfife card to obtain a discount on their transport costs. 

For more information about this go to Transport Scotland (this link takes you to an external site) or contact the Concessionary Travel Team on 01592 583370.

How do I get a free travel pass?

New P1 and S1 pupils

Transportation Services receive new P1 and S1 pupil details automatically every year in April so parents do not need to do anything.  However, if you are new to a school or you change address after April you will have to check with the school to make sure your details have been submitted to Transportation Services.  Transport entitlement is determined for all new P1 and S1 pupils and entitled pupils are allocated to a bus route and colour which is suitable for their address.  Travel passes are sent out automatically every year at the start of August to entitled pupils.  If there is a problem with your new travel pass in August you will still be able to travel to school.  Drivers are instructed to take all pupils in to school so they can sort out the problem at the school office on the first day.  Temporary bus passes can be issued and replacement passes ordered by the school.  Myfife cards are issued seperately from school travel passes.

Existing pupils

Pupils who already qualify for free transport will automatically receive a new travel pass every year in August as long as their details are the same.   You should report any changes to the school office, they will inform Transportation Services and we will reassess your entitlement and bus route.

Pupil changes

If a pupil changes their surname, school or address they should report it to their school office as soon as possible during term time.  Your transport entitlement will be reassessed and a new travel pass will be sent to the school if you are still entitled.

Replacement passes

Order a replacement travel pass through your school office if you have lost or damaged your travel pass.  You will be asked to pay £5 if you have lost your travel pass to cover administration costs.  A temporary travel pass will be issued and a replacement ordered for you in the meantime.

Safety and good behaviour on school transport


Pupil safety is our highest priority at Fife Council.  We regularly monitor school bus contracts to make sure operators are meeting our conditions of contract.  Vehicles are also checked for roadworthiness by other government bodies.


We only use reputable operators for school contracts and we encourage operators to use vehicles with seatbelts and CCTV where possible.   We restrict operators to using vehicles under a certain age for school contracts to ensure vehicles are roadworthy.

Seating capacity

We aim to provide a seat for every entitled pupil.  High school routes are colour coded to avoid overcrowding issues and pupils must use the coloured route that relates to their travel pass colour.  We can't change route colours so pupils can travel with their friends.  If there is a genuine problem with the route colour we have allocated ask the school to contact us to sort it out on your behalf.   Please note, fare paying pupils are not always guaranteed a seat on the school bus.


Drivers are checked to make sure they are not barred from working with children and they are a member of the PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) scheme (this link takes you to an external site).

Behaviour on school transport

If your child is experiencing problems with another pupil’s behaviour on their school transport, report it to the school office.  Staff at the school will work with an officer in education to resolve the issue.

Poor behaviour on school transport

The ultimate responsibility for pupil behaviour on school transport lies with a pupil and their parents.  We ask parents and school staff to encourage good behaviour on school transport by discussing it fully with their child(ren).

Misbehaviour such as bullying, vandalism or smoking on school transport will lead to pupils being excluded from using the school bus.  Parents will be pursued by the Police or an Operator for damages caused by their child on the school bus.

Bus rules

We want everyone to be safe whilst on school transport so read the bus rules in our ‘Getting To School’ booklet.  They are designed to make your journey go smoother.

Additional school transport information

Please contact your bus operator on one of the numbers below if you would like information about bus fares or to recover lost property:


First Scotland East   

01324 602200

Prentice Westwood   

01506 871231

Festival Travel    

0131 3334231

A1 Minibus & Coach Services Ltd

01592 713443

Rennies of Dunfermline 

01383 518660

Moffat & Williamson North East Fife

01382 541159

Moffat & Williamson Glenrothes

01592 774785

Hamish Gordon

01592 620202

Bay Travel

01383 516161

Stagecoach Glenrothes

01592 610686

Stagecoach Cowdenbeath

01383 511436

Stagecoach St Andrews

01334 474238

Stagecoach Leven

01333 426038

Stagecoach Kirkcaldy

01592 642394

Stagecoach Dunfermline

01383 621249

Stagecoach Dundee

01382 614551

National Express/Explore Dundee

01382 340015

E & M Horsburgh

01506 432351

(please note you will be taken to an external website if you click on one of the operator names above).

The Winter Centre will give you information about winter travel, service disruptions and facility closures.

service changes and disruptions will give you Information on forthcoming school bus changes due to road closures.

It’s now possible to register for text/email alerts so you will always know in advance about school closures.

Call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 for public transport information.

Transport for Pupils with Additional Support Needs

You can find out about this on their page within Supporting Children in School.




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