Portable electronic signs

Fife have 2 portable electronic safety signs for use within the road network. These Speed Indicator Display (SID) signs inform drivers of their speed when they are approaching the sign. The sign updates the display as the vehicle slows or accelerates.

The sign can display either a sad or smiley face to encourage vehicles to keep within the speed limit. Alternativly the signs can display how many miles per hour a vehicle is exceeding the speed limit. These methods both help to inform and remind drivers of the posted speed limit which has shown to improve driver behaviour.

Road Safety involves Engineering, Education and Enforcement. These signs support the education element by making drivers more aware of the prevailing limits on our roads; improving compliance in the future.

The signs were launched in Fife during May 2008 at Pitreavie Primary School in Dunfermline. Since then the signs have been used at various locations in a variety of different situations.

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