The Provost and his role

The current Provost is Councillor Jim Leishman MBE

The Provost: 

  • attends meetings
  • chairs the full Council meeting
  • acts as its Civic Head at ceremonial, formal and other important occasions

As a result the Provost has a busy diary and demand on his time is high.

The Provost’s role is to:

  • promote the values of the council
  • provide an example to others
  • enhance the reputation of the council and Fife

How is the Provost chosen?

Every five years the 75 members of Fife Council elect a councillor to the role of Provost.

What does ‘Civic Head’ mean?

Civic Head means that the Provost is the formal representative of the Council when hosting council functions and attending external events.

The Provost will also:

  • promote Fife to the wider community through public appearances and through the media
  • network with other organisations in both the private and public sectors to enhance the development of Fife

Why does the provost wear a chain?

The Provost’s chain carries his `badge of office’ and the badge features the `Thane of Fife'.

During the Middle Ages, a succession of Thanes, or Knights, kept order in Fife on behalf of the Kings of Scotland.  The badge is a physical symbol of the pride Fife has in its history and the importance of the office of Provost.

The Provost’s Diary

The Provost’s diary can include:

  • visits to Fife by overseas dignitaries
  • hosting receptions for events of national and international significance
  • recognising the achievements of local people and groups

Chairing the Full Council meeting

As well as the Civic role, the Provost also chairs the full council meetings attended by all 75 councillors. 

His role is to make sure:

  • all councillors have a voice in these meetings
  • that all parties have a fair hearing
  • that the meeting is conducted properly

For this reason the Provost’s role is apolitical.

The role of the Depute Provost

Because of the huge variety of engagements the Provost works with the Depute Provost to share some of the workload.

The current Depute Provost is Councillor Julie Ford.

The Depute Provost helps to share the Provost’s workload and attends many civic functions across Fife and further afield.  

To contact the Provost please call  03451 555555 ext 442324 or email



Do you know a Fife resident who is:

  • celebrating their 100th birthday 

or a couple:

  • celebrating their Diamond Wedding anniversary (60 years)?

Would you like to request civic recognition of this special occasion?

The Council also recognises each 5th wedding anniversary after 60 years of marriage, i.e. 65th, 70th etc.

The local Councillor for the area can call on the person/couple to make a presentation on behalf of the Council.

It is also possible to arrange a photocall and, if the person or couple wishes, the Council can publish the photograph in the local newspaper.

Also, a message of congratulations from Her Majesty The Queen can be requested.

Please use the online form to submit the details for this special occasion so that arrangements can be put in place.   Civic Recognition for 100th Birthday/Diamond Wedding



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