In Council Committee Meetings, councillors vote on specific issues such as:

  • policy
  • finance
  • legislative

to make sure that the Council is working as it should.  This helps set out what the Council Plans aim to achieve and how money should be spent.

Some councillors also have extra duties such as act as convener, deputy convener or spokesperson for specific committees.

Members of the public are welcome to attend all committee meetings.  There are lots of committees which are listed below.

See our separate page on Area Committees.

You can also browse through a our diary of committee meetings to see what's coming up soon.

Decision making

At its meeting in May 2017, Fife Council agreed to replace its previous system of an Executive/Scrutiny decision making model with a Committee model of governance.

Most of the Council’s decision making is relating to:

  • developing policy
  • setting strategic direction
  • allocating resources

Decisions of the Strategic Committees can be called-in and reviewed by the Council’s Scrutiny Committee.

These Committees also have powers to scrutinise Council performance in their respective areas.

The current list of Fife wide Committees is as follows. 

Fife Wide or Strategic Committees:

Scrutiny and Audit Function

Planning Committees


The Licensing Board

Licensing decisions are taken by the Fife Licensing Board which is an independent body:

Fife Licensing Forum

Fife Licensing Forum has been set up by Fife Council to review the operation of the Licensing (Scotland) act 2005 in Fife and to give advice and make recommendations to the Fife Licensing Board on licensing policy:

The Fife Partnership

The Fife Partnership is not a Committee of the Council but rather brings together representatives of all public sector organisations in Fife:

FifeCouncil Archived Committees

Click on the links below to see information on previous Committees of the Council which have been disbanded:



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