Adopting a child with Fife Council
Adopting a child can transform their whole world and be an incredibly fulfilling experience for people who choose to adopt.
Offering a child a home for life is one of the biggest and most life-changing decisions you can make and Fife Council’s Adoption Team are available to work with you to ensure you have the information to help you decide.
Why choose to adopt?
There are many reasons why children can’t stay with their birth families. Some children come from complex family backgrounds while others may have experienced trauma in their life due to separation, loss, abuse, neglect or other hurtful experiences. Adoption is a life-long decision where a child becomes part of your family, giving you the same legal rights as birth parents and the child the same rights if you have your own birth children. By choosing to adopt you will be offering a child a stable, secure and loving permanent home.
We want to make the best decision for the child, so we’re looking for people with a variety of skills and experiences who can meet each child’s needs. In particular we need families for sibling groups and older children.
We would love to hear from you if you are:
• over 21 and either single, married, civil partners, or living together as a couple for at least two years
• medically fit and a non smoker
• have some child care experience
Concurrent Carers
Closely related to adopting becoming a Concurrent Carer means you are trained and approved as a Foster Carer and an Adopter so you can take babies from when they are born, or soon after. When a child is initially placed with a Concurrent Carer, they act as the Foster Carer for the child, supporting contact with birth family members while the court decides the child’s future. If the Concurrent Carer goes on to adopt the child they have cared for, they will have the advantage of having looked after the child from a very young age and be in a special position of knowing the child’s birth parents and understanding their difficulties having met them.
A concurrent placement gives the child the continuity of care that is important for a good start in life and has a positive impact because it is the adults that risk the broken attachment rather than the child.
Further information
For more details on adopting a child or becoming a concurrent carer call the Duty Worker, Adoption Team, Family Placement Service on 03451 555 555 555 ext. 471074


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