Augmentative Communication

The Fife Augmentative and Alternative Communication Team (FAACT) provides a Fife-wide service to children and adults whose communication ability is limited due to a severe oral communication difficulty.  This may have resulted from conditions present from birth, such as cerebral palsy or learning disabilities, or develop later in life, from conditions such as head injury, motor neurone disease or stroke.

The service is jointly funded by Education and Learning Directorate, Social Work and Health, and the aim of the service is to match individuals with augmentative and/or alternative communication devices and systems, to enable them to speak for themselves.  The equipment provided could be as basic as a picture or symbol book, or an  alphabet-spelling chart.   Alternatively, it could be more complex, such as a computer-based communication device with speech output.

Assessment of an individual’s communication abilities and follow-up support may be carried out at various locations including home, pre school or school, day centre and hospital. The team also provides advice and training in the wide range of augmentative and alternative communication systems  and devices available and resources to view and borrow.

An individual with a communication difficulty can be referred through an open referral system.  The agreement of the individual, parents or carers and key professionals involved is required. Referral forms are available from various Education and Health Service locations or from FAACT.


Alan Chalmers, Headteacher Supporting Learners' Service (West Area) 
Tel: 03451 55 55 55 + Ext 44 20 55 Contact Alan Chalmers online
By Post: Rothesay House Rothesay Place Glenrothes Fife KY7 5PQ
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