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This page provides regular updates and links to any public notices/announcements made on the work being carried out by Fife Council around unauthorised Gypsy/Traveller encampments and associated issues.

Update on pilot seasonal site for Gypsy Travellers

03/03/2015 09:20

Fife Council has announced that the old Roads depot site at Strathore Road, Thornton will not be considered any further as a pilot seasonal site for Gypsy Travellers.

The decision has been taken by an Officers Task Group chaired by the Head of Housing. John Mills stated: "Following the update to the Glenrothes Area Committee on 4th February, I gave a commitment to keep members updated on progress with the site search for a pilot seasonal site in the Glenrothes Area. The Task Group has now reached the stage where we can remove further consideration of the old roads depot site at Strathore Road from our consideration. The main reasons for the decision are costs of provision of the site, a consideration of the existing provision for Gypsy Travellers in the Thornton area, and the prospect of affordable housing being built on part of the site at a later date."

Councillor Altany Craik, Area Committee Chair welcomed the progress statement and said: "The site search will go on in Glenrothes as the number of unauthorised encampments are now starting to increase as the Travelling season starts. The Council has accepted that the best way forward is to create an alternative to unauthorised camps so that the Council does not need to spend scarce council resources on legal and clean-up costs. The Task Group will keep councillors up-to-speed with progress going forward"

Councillor Judy Hamilton, Executive Spokesperson for Housing & Building Services supported the Task Group in its work. She added: "We need to make progress in identifying an appropriate site for the pilot to have it operational during this Travelling Season. Whilst I fully appreciate local anxieties about the Council seeking to provide Gypsy Travellers sites, we work with most encampments by working together in co-operation with Gypsy Travellers. I believe it is in all of our interests to provide facilities that will enable council officers and Gypsy Travellers to manage the larger unauthorised encampments better, and avoid potential disruption for our residential and business communities."

Gypsy Travellers Seasonal Site Pilot

04/02/2015 11:16

Councillors at Glenrothes Area Committee were presented with a briefing on the search for suitable areas for a pilot seasonal site for Gypsy Travellers. The aim of this pilot is to try and identify potential sites that could be managed by the Council, and prevent large-scale unauthorised encampments that caused disruption in Glenrothes last year.

Councillor Altany Craik, Glenrothes Area Chair, said:"Any proposal to seek additional sites for Gypsy Travellers is controversial in the eyes of the public but the Council has a duty to provide accommodation and to seek to prevent the mayhem that local businesses experienced last Spring and Summer at Eastfield and Southfield. Council Officers are examining several sites in the area and no decision has been taken on the suitability of any site yet. We will consult with local Community Councils and businesses when a proposed site has been identified."


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