Fife Events Quick Reference Guide

Fife Council are pleased to announce the new ‘Fife Events Quick Reference Guide’. This quick and easy guide has been designed to support event organisers who are planning an event within Fife. Whether you are organising a community gala or a major event, this event will provide you with guidance on how to deliver a smooth event, whatever the scale.

The guide will support you to:

  • Establish the scale of your event and which category it fits into
  • Identify what funding options are available
  • Locate traffic management information
  • Consider operational aspects of Fife events management
  • Locate essential health and safety information
  • Establish what licences and permissions and insurance you may require
  • Identify marketing opportunities
  • Locate national event management guides

For more information and to download this guide, please visit the Fife Tourism Partnership website.

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