Deferred Entry to School

Currently children with January or February birthdays are entitled to a further year of funded nursery education at parental request within a local authority or a Partner Provider nursery.

Parents of children who are 5 after the start date of the new school session and on or before the 31 December are not entitled but can request a discretionary additional year in nursery for their child. Requests are not always approved. Decisions on deferred entry requests are made by Education Managers based on information provided to them including assessment by the Headteacher and staff of the nursery, and at times the link educational psychologist.

A deferred entry to school has significant implications for any child and these decisions are not taken lightly. There needs to be careful consideration of how a child’s needs can be best met, with full knowledge of the support that can be provided within a nursery setting, a mainstream primary school or a more specialist provision. If a school deferral is considered to be in a child’s best interest, existing resources are used to accommodate the additional year within a Fife Council nursery.

Parents should speak with their nursery Headteacher if they have any concerns about their child starting school or should they wish to find out more about deferred entry to school.

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