Renewable Energy

Our customer guidelines on renewable energy (see publications, below) set out what we would look for if someone wanted to develop large-scale renewable energy projects in Fife. Additionally a guidance note has been produced on community benefit in relation to renewable energy proposals.

The customer guidelines on renewable energy summarise national and local planning policies (Fife’s structure plan and local plans), and set out:

  • what renewable energy means;
  • how national and local policies affect renewable energy projects;
  • how we deal with planning applications.

The guidance also explains the main types of renewable energy, namely: 

  • Wind turbines
  • Hydro schemes
  • Combustion: energy from burning
  • Geothermal: energy from the earth
  • Solar power
  • Designing buildings to make the most of sunlight
  • Coastal wave power
  • Offshore developments

Fife Council has also produced supplementary guidance specific to Wind Energy and produces regularly updated mapping of wind turbine planning applications.



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