Household Waste Recycling Centre changes

Fife Council’s Environment, Protective Services and Community Safety Committee has agreed some changes to commercial waste and the Access Policy at all of the council’s Recycling Centres. 


Changes to the Access Policy

The Access Policy was implemented from 1 January 2019 and updated as a result of Committee decision on 5th September ‘19 . The full access policy can be accessed through the document at the foot of this page. Changes include:

  • Requirement for trailers to complete a household waste declaration form.
  • No pedestrian access at all Recycling Centres.
  • No wheelie bins at all sites.

These facilities are only available to Fife residents, so proof of address is needed e.g. driving licence, Council Tax bill or a utility bill. If proof of address cannot be provided, then permission to dispose of waste will be refused.

Recycling Centres are funded by Fife tax payers and we cannot accept waste that originates from other local authority areas.

Household waste declaration form

All potential commercial vehicles must complete a form declaring the waste is from their household, before disposing of the waste. This includes, pickups, vans, trailers and horseboxes. If it is not your waste, you must bring a utility bill or Council Tax bill for the property. These declaration will be monitored to prevent waste crime and establish fair use.

Pedestrian Access

No pedestrian access will be allowed at any of Fife Council’s Recycling Centres from 1 January 2019. Pedestrians will not be permitted to walk in through the entrance or exit gates. Both light commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles use these facilities, as well as a high volume of cars at any given time.

Safe pedestrian access to Recycling Centres is available via booking through with name, address, and materials recycling. Residents will then be given a day and time to access the Recycling Centre. Access is via the entrance gate, 15 minutes prior to closure for lunch. The gate will only be open if a booking is made. Ladybank and Dunfermline cannot be accessed by pedestrians at any time.

Commercial waste changes

The Recycling Ticket has been phased out and is replaced by a cashless pre-paid payment card, for more information please contact or visit

Monitoring of Recycling Centres

The use of Recycling Centres by residents and commercial users is closely monitored by Fife Council and its arms-length organisation Fife Resource Solutions (FRS). The Centres are provided for disposal of the residents of Fife only, and by Fife- based commercial customers following appropriate payment.
Monitoring of site-usage to prevent illegal waste disposal includes:

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition across our Recycling Centre network.
  • Use of Body Worn Cameras by all Recycling Centre staff capturing audio and video footage.
  • The use of Household Waste Declaration forms to confirm waste is from your household.

Illegal waste disposal costs Fife’s tax payers and the council.

We will use the information we collect to prevent criminal activity and will pass information on to the relevant Fife Council departments, Police Scotland, Scottish Environment Protection Agency or any other relevant body in order to address these issues. 

Illegal waste disposal can lead to significant fines and a potential prison sentence.

To find out about we manage the data we collect click here



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