Neighbour notification

Neighbour Notification is a statutory process the Council has to carry out for all planning applications.  The process requires the Council as Planning Authority to serve notification to neighbours on land which, or part of which shares a common boundary with the application site, or within 20 metres of the boundary of the land for which the development is proposed.


This process applies to applications for planning permission, planning permission in principle and applications for approval of matters specified in conditions.


Where Fife Council is unable to serve notification because there is land with no premises within the area of neighbouring land, the Council are legally required to publish a notice in the local newspaper. A fee of £150.00 is charged to the applicant to cover the cost of the publication. Only planning applications relating to non-householder applications will incur this charge.  You will be informed by Fife Council if an advertisement fee is required.   

Fife Council will inform neighbours by letter after the application is validated.  The notice will include:

  • date of the notice
  • the name of the applicant/name and address of the agent
  • the application reference number;
  • the address or description of the location of the application site;
  • description of the development
  • details of how and where the plans, drawings etc. can be inspected;
  • how and when comments and representations may be made
  • a location plan showing the application site and neighbouring land.



Members of the public have the opportunity to make representations to Fife Council in support of, or against, a planning application.  Check the consultation period on any specific application by checking the Important Dates section on our online planning site.  You will need to search for your application and once you have this information you will be able to see when the consultation period closes.

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