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The Eco Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme is a free, voluntary scheme that provides recognition, guidance and advice on operational best practice to operators of goods vehicles, buses and coaches. It is being rolled out in Fife to help fleet operators improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and reduce emissions - all helping to improve local air quality and at the same time, make cost savings.


When joining, your vehicles and overall fleet will be rated by industry experts to assess their current performance - both operational and environmental - and achieve an ECO Stars rating between 1 and 5. A bespoke "road map" will be produced containing tailor-made guidance to help improve the efficiency of your fleet.


ECO Stars was originally created in South Yorkshire and has since been adopted by other areas in the UK including Nottingham, York and Warrington as well as several cities across Europe. In total, the schemes have more than 200 members with over 14,000 vehicles.


The scheme is managed by Transport Research Laboratory on behalf of Fife Council.


What are the benefits of being a member of ECO Stars?


The Eco Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme can have a big impact on your business:

Improve you fuel efficiency - by implementing the key measures recommended by ECO Stars, a typical commercial vehicle operator could expect to reduce fuel consumption by at least 5% in the first year.

Save money - up to £2,600 per vehicle*, for an operator with 10 vehicles this equates to a saving of one whole tanker of diesel!*

Reduce your environmental impact - a typical light goods vehicle could see its annual output of carbon dioxide fall by six tonnes per year*. Reductions in toxic emission of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter are also possible.



Free - it's free and simple to join with no formal audit process.

Tailor-made support and consultancy - fleet specialists will help complete your application and give you practical guidance and advice.

Raise your environmental profile - by becoming a member of ECO Stars Fife you will be recognised as an environmentally responsible fleet operator by other operators, customers and the wider community.


*Based on 80,000 miles per year of diesel @ £1.13 per litre. Figures updated in 2014 from Department for Transport Freight Best Practice Programme.


Who can join ECO Stars?


The ECO Stars Scheme in Fife is open to all operators of vans, trucks, buses and coaches who are based in Fife or operate regularly in the area.


Operators do not have to be based in Fife to be eligible to apply.


Your fleet can:

•Be any size - from just one vehicle up to large fleets.

•Include all types of commercial vehicles - vans, HGV, buses and coaches.

•Be from any industry sector - own account, hire and reward, private and public sector, retail, road haulage, industrial, parcel and courier, community transport, bus and coach service - to name but a few!


How do I join ECO Stars?


ECO Stars is straightforward to join. Simply download an application form and helpful guidance notes. A member of the ECO Stars team can visit and complete this with you if you prefer. Contact the ECO Stars team to have an informal chat or discuss ECO Stars in more detail.

•Phone: 01543 416416


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