How you can help improve air quality

We can all help to improve and maintain Fife’s air quality – as individuals, businesses and organisations.


The easiest way to reduce air pollution and improve air quality is by driving less. So before you use your car ask yourself:


·         Do I really need to make this journey?

·         Could I combine all of my trips in one journey or share a car? (A cold car engine is known to pollute up to five times more than a warm car engine).

·         Could I walk, cycle or take the bus instead of taking the car? (Walking and cycling will improve your health and cut down on air pollution).


Tips to help you reduce air pollution on the road and save money


If you have to drive these tips will help you cut down on air pollution and reduce save money.


·         Drive smoothly - Try to accelerate smoothly and brake gently. This will help your car or vehicle use less fuel, and reduce pollution.


·         Keep within the speed limit - The faster you drive, the more fuel you use. So drive more slowly and your car or vehicle will get more miles to the gallon or litre, and help reduce pollution.


·         Use higher gears- Use the highest gear you can in the traffic conditions you’re driving in. This will help your car or vehicle get more miles to the gallon or litre.


·         Use your air conditioning sparingly - Your car or vehicle can use up to 20 per cent more fuel if the air conditioning’s on. 


·         Switch off the engine when you park- This will help reduce the amount of fuel your car or vehicle is using and reduce air pollution. It’s now illegal to leave the engine running unnecessarily while your car or vehicle is parked.


Maintain and look after your vehicle correctly


  • Get your car or vehicle serviced regularly- Regular servicing will help keep the engine running as efficiently as possible.


  • Check your tyre pressures regularly- Check your tyre pressure every week. If the tyres don’t have enough air in them your car or vehicle will use much more fuel.


  • Know how much fuel you normally use- If your car or vehicle is getting fewer miles to the gallon or litre than normal, you may need to get it checked out to find out if there’s a problem.


  • Cut down the amount of drag and make sure you travel light- Close windows, remove roof racks and keep the boot as empty as possible and you’ll get more miles from a tank of fuel.


Tips for buying a new car or vehicle


  • Choose a car or vehicle with a smaller engine- This will save you money on fuel, tax and insurance and help you to reduce air pollution.


  • Consider the fuel economy of different cars and vehicles- The fuel economy of similar-sized cars and vehicles can vary considerably. So do your research and consider a range of manufacturers before you buy.


You can get free information on vehicle efficiency from The Vehicle Certification Agency (this takes you to an external website).


Tips to help you reduce air pollution at home and save money


Use less electricity- The more electricity you use in the home, the more air pollution will be generated by power stations. This happens because they burn fossil fuels to produce the electricity. 


To cut down on air pollution and save money you can:


  • use low energy light bulbs
  • turn off lights when you don’t need them
  • boil the kettle with only the amount of water you need
  • turn electronic equipment off instead of leaving on standby when you’re not using it, for example your television
  • install double glazing and cavity wall and loft insulation
  • turn down your central heating thermostat by just one degree.

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