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A review of the Provision of Educational Psychology Services in Scotland was carried out in 2002. This became known as the Currie Report. This review identified three main levels of work for Educational Psychology Services, the level of the individual child or family, the level of the school or establishment and the level of the Local Authority. In relation to each of these three levels of work Educational Psychologists have five core functions of consultation, assessment, intervention, training and research.

In relation to assessment and intervention, the Educational Psychology Service works closely with parents/carers/school staff and other agencies to assess and identify pupil additional support needs.  Educational Psychologist's plan appropriate interventions with those partners to ensure best outcomes for the child/young person.  Direct work with the pupil may be part of that intervention. 

Consultation and advice are provided to school staff, parents and relevant partner agencies.  This can cover a range of difficulties of learning and behaviour identified in school and the community, and also issues of transition at various stages. Psychologists seek to approach such problems within the context of the classroom and the family/carers and to work in collaboration with other key adults in assessing, planning and evaluating any intervention. Where appropriate, psychologists will also work directly with the young person.

Research and strategic development is a key activity within the Service.  It represents an area which can add real value to the activities and practice of the Education and Children’s Services and the wider community. This work also contributes to the development of applied Educational Psychology more generally.

The Service aims to support and develop psychologists’ research skills through providing opportunities to develop expertise in research methodology and through access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Strategic organisational development is also recognised as an area in which educational psychologists can make an important contribution. All psychologists within the Service are required to have an understanding of the processes of strategic development both within the Education and Learning Directorate Service and more widely within the Council. The skills and knowledge base associated with these developments are addressed within Service CPD processes and opportunities, and involvement in strategic developments is regularly monitored and evaluated.




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